Monthly Archives: January 2015

There’ Pixels Everywhere!


The projected image is ephemeral, it’s both wave and particle. For nearly a century it was constrained to cinema screens, to reproduce unchanging works. In nightclubs it began to pulsate to the music. It became generative and interactive. It has started to stretch over angles and shapes. It’s now time to plug the projector straight into the mind as an amplifier of imagination.

We are the projectionists of the 21st century transmuting bits + bytes into inspired light.
We paint on weathered textures, on the living and breathing canvas of our environments. Images unfold in the moment, arising spontaneously from the depths of shadows, augmenting nightly reality.
Walls come to life, buildings become transparent
with vivid dreams and visions.

We are live cinematographers, painters of animation, and musicians of light. Among us, there will be virtuosos and storytellers, lead singers and bassists, poets and clowns. We will project Blues, House and Rock & Roll. We will join forces with all other creative fields. The most powerful digital art will be performed by celebrated artists and orchestras.

We mix & make soulful entertainment and art ~
in the anticipation of awe and excitement.

Perhaps we can help tell your story someday ?